Setting website and server parameters on NoDNS I/O

The following details are required when creating a website preview on NoDNS I/O:

Website domain:

This is the domain name you want to emulate. You don’t need to register the domain in order to use it for a preview. You can also emulate an existing domain without altering the site actually installed on the domain.

Even if no active DNS is required to create a preview, your website must be installed on the same domain name if it uses WordPress or similar CMS . Note also that NoDns I/O is for preview and sharing only, you will not be able to use NoDns I/O to install or administrate WordPress. If want to install the WordPress, you will need firstly to make the setup by using the usual DNS trick method.

Server IP

Type in this field the IP address of the server that host the website you want to preview. You will need to provide the actual location of your under development website which is normally your development server IP. An IPV4 is required.


We support currently http protocol, the https also works but may lead to unexpected results.

You cannot use a redirected link so if your source website is installed on the non www domain (example: then you will need to select http:// as protocol otherwise select the http://www.

The following setting are optional:

Preview Engine (optional)

NoDns I/O comes with various preview engines to deal with the various WordPress themes and web technologies. Choose the Smart Engine option, which is the default engine, to get the fastest load speed. You can also use the Catch-all method (slower) if the default engine breaks your site contents (eg. missing image, failed style-sheet). Optionally, choose your matching option if your WordPress theme is listed in the Select button.

Resource path (optional)

Use this field to specify the location of you static contents (image, style, etc.). The field is required if you use any preview engine other than the Catch-all method.

Most hosting companies provide temporary URLs where clients can see their sites before the DNS has propagated. Even if the temporary link doesn’t much help for directly previewing advanced CMS such as WordPress, you will still need it to correctly setup your site preview on NoDns I/O.

If your website is on Cpanel,  the resource path will be the temporary link sent by your hosting provider. It will be like http://123.456.7.89/~username, where 123.456.7.89 is your server IP and username is your cpanel or FTP username. If your website in on Plesk, the resource path will be the Quick Preview link created with Plesk.


Select the caching method you want to use to speed up your site preview. Select the Turbo Cache, which is the fastest, if your hosting provider doesn’t set load limitation your on web hosting (turbo cache is not recommended for shared hosting). Otherwise, select the Cache Visited option (default). The Disable Cache option is only recommended for debugging purpose.

Preview domain

Select the primary domain you want to use when publishing your website preview. By default, the preview domain is, so the website will be published as

The following domains are also available: If you want a shorter domain name, you can also use any of the following domains:, and

You can also use your own domain by ordering the Corporate plan. You can see more details here.

Rebranding (optional)

Use this field if you want to replace some text on the source site with custom text. You can for example use this field to replace the text of “Powered by” by “Powered by”. Please make sure that you have the legal right to publish a modified version of the source site before using this feature.

Raw text replace (optional)

The rebranding field applies only to text contents, use the Raw Text replace instead if you want to replace html content such url and image link.

Note that the text replace fields don’t accept html tag. So rather than replacing <img src=’’> with <img src=’’>, just replace by



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