Prelaunch website with a custom domain name

Why do you need a custom domain for your site preview?

By default, website previews are published as sub domain of, so if your website or your client website domain is, the preview link will be

If you are a web agency or a hosting provider, you may want to publish your client website preview under your own domain and own brand by using a custom preview domain. When the custom domain is enabled, all your previews will be published under your chosen domain such as: and

The custom domain solution comes with dedicated hosting account, it means that your site previews will load faster than the average website previews hosted by our platform. The load speed will depends only on your own traffic and project amount but not on the traffic from other NoDns I/O users.

How to proceed?

Step 1: Order the custom domain option by selecting the NoDnsIO Corporate Solution

Step 2: Check your email to get your preview server IP. The setup can take up to 24 hours

Step 3: Point your root domain (A name) and subdomains to the IP specified in the welcome email.
Depending to your DNS provider, the propagation can take up 48 hours. You can check your DNS propagation by using online tool such as

Step 4: Log into your NoDnsIO account and add your new site previews

Step 5: Edit existing site previews to update their links.


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