How to Preview Your Website Before It Goes Live

This tutorial assumes that your website contains only relative links and your site resources path (images, style-sheets,  etc.)  are also relative. The following tips are not therefore recommended for advanced CMS like WordPress and Magento. If you want to preview a WordPress based website, I recommend you to check instead this dedicated tutorial.

cPanel Hosting

If you use a Cpanel server, and if the mod_userdir is enabled, you will be able to preview any domain installed on your server without switching the DNS. To enable the mod_userdir, log into WHM then go to Security Center >> Apache mod_userdir Tweak and uncheck Enable mod_userdir Protection. 

If you use a shared hosting, you can see your the temporary Cpanel link in the welcome email. If not, you can find it out yourself by using the pattern http://123.456.7.89/~username, where 123.456.7.89 is your server IP and username is your cpanel username.

As stated above, this method doesn’t work for WordPress site. If you are on WordPress, use NoDns I/O website preview instead.

Parralel Plesk hosting

Provided that Quick Preview is enabled on your Plesk hosting account, you can associate your website with temporary preview link by proceeding  as follows:

  1. Go to Tools & SettingsWebsite Preview Settings
  2. Click on Create New Domain and add your domain
  3. Return to Tools & Settings
  4. Select the new domain and
  5. Click on the Quick Preview

GoDaddy Hosting

GoDaddy hosting comes with builtin preview tool. To create a preview, do the following:

  1. Go to the Web Hosting manager
  2. Find the Server Details section and select Show Details
  3. Click on the Preview to see your domain’s DNS data
  4. Click on the Enable button (or Renew button) to activate the preview
  5. Click Preview to see your site. The preview link will be like

Any hosting

Whichever your hosting provider, you can also use the NoDNS I/O platform to instantly create a preview of your under development website. You will simply need to provide your server IP and your chosen domain name to make your preview live.


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