Use the checklist below to troubleshoot your website preview error.

My WordPress site preview is broken

You can fix broken website previews by selecting the most appropriate preview engine for your WordPress theme. Check out the tutorial here.

The NoDns I/O admin panel page takes times to reload

When you change your preview setting, the system will reload some of your site contents to the cache in order to improve the preview performance. If you need to change your setting more often, you may want to temporarily disable the NoDns I/O caching to speed up the reload speed.

My preview site returns 500 Internal Server Error

Some hosting providers block automated request to save bandwidth. If your preview creation is successful but displays Internal Error as a content, you may need to disable the NoDns I/O turbo-cache feature to slow down the crawler. You can see more information about fixing a broken preview here.

I get the notification "Server status: UNAVAILABLE" on my dashboard page

Our system checks in real time your server status to inform you about any trouble that may affect the preview experience. The status UNAVAILABLE is shown if NoDNS I/O doesn’t receive the expected connection status from your source server. You can ignore this message if your site preview still works, otherwise you may need to change some setting to fix the problem.

I get the notification FAIL, SERVER BUSY or FORBIDDEN as a server status

The Fail status appears if our platform hasn’t received the expected connection status from your source server. You can ignore this message if you are sure that you entered the right server data and protocol.