Questions And Answers

Is NoDNS I/O site preview works on my WordPress site?

Yes the NoDns I/O platform is compatible with most dynamic sites including WordPress websites.

Do I need to add codes or install a plugin on my site to run NoDns I/O site preview?

No, no plugin or code is required. You will simply need to provide you site details and the platform will do the rest.

Can my client view his site before the DNS has propagated?


NoDns I/O website preview doesn’t require any DNS setting, sites are instantly ready for preview once added to our database

Will my live site still work after I publish the development version via NoDns I/O?


NoDns I/O doesn’t affect your current site and currrent domain name setting. The preview site will be published under a dedicated domain name such as www.yourdomain.previewmy.work or www.yourdomain.sneakpeek.design

My website is based on the Avada Theme, which is setting is right for me?

No DNS I/O provides dedicated engines for some popular themes such as the Avada theme.  If your site uses the Avada, choose the “Engine For Avada Theme” to get the best performance. If you have any trouble with some contents, you can use the Catch All engine (slower).

Does NoDNS I/O create a staging version of my website?

Most staging environments clone your website so that you can privately edit and modify it before going live. Staging site generators are only available on some WordPress hosting solutions such us WP engine and they therefore are exclusive to the hosters’ own clients.

It’s different on NoDNS I/O. The DNS-less site preview generator will publish directly your under development website via a temporary domain name. The platform works whether your site is hosted on bluehost, on GoDaddy or on any other hosting provider.

Can I use NoDns I/O logo to PROMOTE my theme?

ABSOLUTELY. If your theme is compatible with the NoDns I/O website preview, you can use our certification badges to promote your WordPress theme or plugin.

Is it free?

Yes, the NoDns I/O website preview solution is available for free including for commercial use.

Can I choose my preview domain?

Yes, you can choose your own preview domain by selecting the Corporate plan. You can see more details here.

What information do I need to create a preview for my site?

You only need the domain you want to emulate and the IP of your development server to publish a preview. Some optional data may be needed to increase the performance. You can see more details here.

Can I change some texts and links?

Yes you can replace some contents from the source site by custom contents by using the NoDns I/O’s Rebranding and the Raw Text Replace feature. You can see more information here.

How long can I host my preview on NoDns I/O?

For free users, preview links expire after 15 days. However the user can renew them as many times as needed. Links have unlimited lifetime for premium users.

How can I speed up the preview load speed?

The NoDns I/O platform uses by default the Catch-all mode. This mode is compatible with most website including the WordPress, but the preview speed is much lower. If the speed is important for your project, you can try any of the others existing modes to decrease contents load times.

If your website is not compatible with any mode except the Catch-all mode, you can still speed up the preview by enabling the turbo-cache feature.

I have some trouble with my preview, what to do?

You can see a detailed trouble shooting tutorial here.